We are here to disrupt the way you view dentistry. No more putting off your next cleaning, no more anxiety about the status of your teeth, no more fear of “the drill.” BRIGHT Dentistry is not just another dentist appointment; It’s a destination.

We are a fresh, new dental office in The Springs. Bringing a luxurious feel to your affordable dental care, we aim to make every trip to the dentist a new and exciting one. With massage chairs to ease your stress away and noise-canceling headphones that will drown out the sound of hygienists at work, we make sure that you feel right at home as we give you the best dental care on the market.


We offer same-day dentistry. Meaning, you book one appointment and leave the same day with healthfully restored, beautiful teeth.

We use a 3D X-ray imaging system that provides the best and most accurate diagnosis of your smile. There’s truly no better system to find any issues quickly and efficiently.

We offer free teeth BRIGHTENING for life, so you can show off your BRIGHT smile every day with confidence.

Our office is a one-stop shop. We handle everything from general cleanings to advanced oral and cosmetic surgery. We carefully hand-select our doctors and hygienists to ensure you get nothing but the best out of every experience at BRIGHT Dentistry.


John Kramer, D.D.S has been in the dental field for over 12 years. A veteran, Dr. Kramer started as a dental lab technician in the United States Air Force, fabricating the veneers, crowns, and dentures for soldiers. Focusing on surgical wisdom teeth extractions while in dental school at the University of Maryland, he developed a passion for the surgical field. Continuing in highly skilled surgical training, Dr. Kramer has built a reputation as one of the premier surgical dentists in town. Dr. Kramer practices dentistry as an art, not just a profession. He has the discerning eye of a doctor and the meticulous technique of an artist. His cosmetic and veneer cases are a testament to his eye for detail. Dr. Kramer is a skilled implantologist and has taught other dentists all around the country how to perform these procedures. For the last year, Dr. Kramer has solely focused on improving the quality of life for his patients through oral surgery and implants and is so excited to bring his expertise to the Colorado Springs area. In his spare time, Dr. Kramer enjoys the mountains with his wife Courtney, as well as his two Shepherds and English Bulldog.


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