Cosmetic Dentistry




This glamourous trending cosmetic procedure is one of the best alternatives to create that Hollywood Dream Smile we all desire. Often times, veneers are more affordable than braces. Benefits include: stain resistance, getting to choose your own facial characteristics, and a perfectly straight smile that lasts forever.


We know the appearance of your teeth is just as important to you as how healthy they are. That’s why at BRIGHT, we offer free teeth BRIGHTENING! During your first visit to BRIGHT we will make you a set of custom professional whitening trays designed specifically to comfortably fit your mouth. Pairing your personal trays with our professional grade whitening gel, our take-home whitening kit will get you pearly white teeth, at no extra charge to you. A BRIGHT white smile will not only make you feel more confident, but will take years off of your age as well. Who’s smiling now?


Tooth Contouring is a creative and artistic way to get a smile makeover without covering your existing teeth! At BRIGHT Dentistry, we believe minor changes shouldn’t have to cost big bucks. We simply reshape the tooth enamel to change the length, shape, and structure of your existing smile.


Are you self-conscious about a chipped tooth? With filling material, we can restore your tooth back to its original, pain-free status. With the use of our tooth-colored bonding technique to fill in the missing pieces, we can bring back your tooth to its original form. Let us bring confidence back to your gorgeous smile!