7 Ways to Get a Date-Ready Smile

The biggest date-night of the year is just around the corner. Whether you’re taking your long-time love or a new crush out on the town for Valentine’s Day, you should be feeling confident and ready to smile and smooch – all night long! Knowing this, your BRIGHT wingmen/women are here to set you up with your most date-ready smile yet.

Follow our BRIGHT steps below for an irresistible smile that feels fresh, makes your confidence soar, and has your date smiling right back and giddy for that good-night kiss!

1. Avoid Certain Foods

You want to keep your date close, and bad breath is one surefire way to push them away. Fortunately, watching what you eat on the day of your date can help you win that second one. Here are the foods you should absolutely avoid before and during your hot date:

  • Garlic*
  • Onions*
  • Dairy
  • Canned Tuna
  • Horseradish

Take special note of garlic and onion! These bad boys’ sulfuric marks cannot be eliminated with brushing, mouthwash,, or mints. Because of their ability to be absorbed into your bloodstream, they need to be avoided at all costs! Save these stink-inducing foods for a personal Netflix and chill day with no date around to scare away.

2. Drink Lots of Water

Your Valentine’s date might include a couple of glasses of wine at your favorite Italian restaurant or a nightcap at your local coffee shop. Unfortunately, coffee and alcohol are a first-class ticket to bad breath, as they are diuretics and dehydrate tissue.

When you don’t pair coffee and alcohol with lots of water, your mouth becomes dehydrated. This dry environment is ideal for smell-inducing bacteria to grow. Keep it hydrated by ordering water with every alcoholic beverage or coffee, and finish the glass before your next round. And before meeting your date, be sure you’ve had plenty of water – at least 8 glasses! Come date time, you’ll have plump, kissable lips and fresh, inviting breath!

3. Keep Your Tongue Clean

Every time you brush your teeth, you should also be brushing your tongue! Your tongue is a date spot for bacteria to mix and mingle, spoiling your breath. By brushing your tongue whenever you brush your teeth, you’ll scrape off that bacteria and deodorize your breath.

Any toothbrush will work (make sure you’re changing your brush every 2-3 months!) or try out a tongue scraper and be sure to take special care to brush gently or you’ll run the risk of damaging your tastebuds. Your date will notice and appreciate your fresh breath and you might just find them scooting in a little closer!

4. Use and Smell Your Floss

Not sure if the old ‘exhale into your hand’ method is telling the truth? It’s not! The best indicator of your breath’s health is to smell your piece of floss right after flossing. Strange? Yes. Effective? Oh, yes!

The reason to throw out your old school breath-test method is that most bad breath makers live in the spaces between your teeth. These tiny pieces of debris and bacteria build up over time to make your breath not so pleasant. Fresh breath = scentless floss.
So, be sure to floss twice a day, and if your used floss has an odor, try some fresh breath techniques before making any moves on your date.

5. Get Your Teeth Whitened

You can’t have a beautiful smile without BRIGHT, white teeth. At BRIGHT, we make white smiles easy to attain. We offer our patients free whitening for LIFE – that means a date-ready smile 365 days a year!

During your first visit to BRIGHT, you’ll receive a set of custom professional whitening trays designed specifically for your smile. We then pair your personal trays with our professional-grade whitening gel to create a take-home whitening kit that will get your teeth perfectly pearly white. This is at no extra cost to you. A BRIGHT white smile will not only make you feel more attractive, but it will have your date swooning over your dreamy smile!

6. Get Your Teeth Symmetrical and Straightened

For the ultimate Hollywood smile that has your date forgetting all about their celebrity crush, you need to straighten and evenly align your newly white teeth. At BRIGHT, we offer multiple ways to perform a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures, most of which serve as a double bonus by positively impacting your overall dental health.

Some of our most popular and impactful cosmetic procedures include:


Tooth Contouring is a creative and artistic way to get a smile makeover without covering your existing teeth! At BRIGHT Dentistry, we believe minor changes shouldn’t have to cost big bucks. We simply reshape the tooth enamel to change the length, shape, and structure of your existing smile.


Are you self-conscious about a chipped tooth? With filling material, we can restore your tooth back to its original, pain-free status. With the use of our tooth-colored bonding technique to fill in the missing pieces, we can bring back your tooth to its original form. Let us give you a date-ready smile that brings confidence back to you!


This glamourous, trending cosmetic procedure is one of the best alternatives to create that can’t-stop-looking smile. You’ll have your date trying not to stare! Often times, veneers are more affordable than braces. Benefits include stain resistance, getting to choose your own facial characteristics, and a perfectly straight smile that lasts forever.

Your smile is the best way to let someone know that you’re happy to see them and that you like them. Make you and your Valentine feel special by flashing a big, white, and confident smile all night long. Most of our cosmetic services can be completed in just one visit, so schedule your BRIGHT appointment TODAY. We’ll have your smile date-ready just in time for February 14!

“For the ultimate Hollywood smile that has your date forgetting all about their celebrity crush, you need to straighten and evenly align your newly white teeth.”