Your smile can make or break your success in business. Let a cosmetic dentist help!

We should be evaluated off of our skill, education, experience, knowledge, demeanor, and attitude when it comes to career advancement – not our looks. But more and more research shows that our appearance plays a significant role in how we regard each other, especially when it comes to business.

While we see wardrobe, hairstyles, skin, demeanor, and attitude as being among the elements essential to professional upkeep, dental hygiene takes the lead. In fact, The British Dental Association’s research shows that 77 percent of respondents felt that unattractive or decayed teeth would seriously impact a job seeker’s chances of gaining employment in any sort of public or client-facing role. 62 percent said that job applicants with visibly decayed or missing teeth would be disadvantaged at securing any role at all. 6 in 10 believe such issues would endanger the prospects of promotion.

Why does dental hygiene matter so much?
Yes, employers want their employees to be presentable to their consumers, but it goes much deeper. Oral health might play one of the biggest factors in employee attractiveness because it can be perceived as a direct reflection of the person’s level of responsibility and overall health. The question becomes, “If they can’t take care of their teeth, can they take care of this job?”

It also comes down to trust. Certainly, a hiring employer’s first objective is to select someone they rely on. This study found that 73% of the more than 1,000 interviewed said that they would be more likely to trust someone with straight teeth than crooked teeth. And we can’t forget confidence! The study also concluded that 60% percent of people personally felt happier, more attractive, and more successful with straighter teeth. It goes to show how important a role confidence plays when gaining the approval of others, especially in a job interview.

Get a confident, beautiful smile with our cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs.
As we learned above, teeth that are stained or unappealing can hurt our overall image. And knowing that attractive, straight, white teeth can improve your chances of getting a job, is it time to consider cosmetic dentistry? Dr. Kramer, one of the best cosmetic dentists in Colorado Springs, can eliminate your smile’s flaws for a beautiful, natural-looking grin. Some of his cosmetic dentistry services include:

Your ideal smile can be yours with BRIGHT! We’d love to help you advance in your career and life with a smile that empowers you. Please contact us below to get more information on our different types of cosmetic dental procedures or to set up a cosmetic dentistry consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The question becomes, “If they can’t take care of their teeth, can they take care of this job?”