How to Keep your Teeth White After Teeth Whitening

Maintain the smile you’ve FALLen in love with

You’ve been turning heads and feeling confident in your stunning, white smile! This Fall, don’t let the old habits that caused your teeth to originally yellow ruin your new shine. After just one month, your teeth whitening efforts can be lost. We are here to let you in on the industry secrets to help you avoid staining your teeth and to keep your pearly whites well-protected.

Keep your teeth white after a whitening treatment by taking the steps below.

Easy Tips To Keep Teeth White:

  • Continue to use your custom whitening trays as directed
  • Brush twice daily with a whitening toothpaste
  • Floss daily
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Rinse your mouth after eating and drinking
  • Eat these 5 Foods That Whiten Your Teeth
  • Avoid smoking/using tobacco
  • Avoid dark beverages like coffee, tea, and wine. Don’t want to give these beverages up? Opt for a straw.
  • Avoid berries, tomato sauce, and sugary foods and drinks
    • Berries and tomatoes are known to stain, and a diet high in sugar is known to increase bacteria in the mouth, thus causing gum and enamel issues

What’s even more important than a sparkling smile is a healthy smile. Be sure to keep up with your six-months check-ups for smart oral health.


How long do your teeth stay white after whitening?

The effects of teeth whitening vary in length depending on the specific whitening products used. For example, professional treatment can last as little as six months or extend to two to three years, whereas over-the-counter whitening will only last a few months. Your lifestyle habits also factor into the length. If you keep good oral habits and minimize foods/drinks that stain teeth – coffee, tea, red wine, etc. – then the effects will last longer.

How long after teeth whitening can I eat normally?

You can consume liquids and food right after treatment, however, you must follow the “white diet” for 48 hours so you don’t re-stain your teeth. This means you should avoid any foods that are colored or any dark liquids. When following the “white diet,” you can eat lighter-colored foods like white rice, chicken, fish, turkey, pasta with white sauce, yogurt, cheese, potatoes, and bananas. After these 48 hours, you can go back to eating your normal diet.

How long after teeth whitening can I brush my teeth?

We recommend brushing your teeth before any teeth whitening treatment. This is to ensure that your teeth are completely clean and that any plaque is removed before the whitening agent is applied. After treatment, your teeth may be sensitive, so we advise brushing once the sensitivity has time to settle after a few hours. However, if you eat anything darker in color, you should brush immediately after so it doesn’t stain your recently whitened teeth.

“While we are big fans of the in-house whitening methods that we use in our office, we are also fans of our clients finding the best life-hacks for naturally whiter teeth too!”