Dr. Kramer is one of the best dentists I know! He utilizes great techniques and is really careful to make sure the patient is comfortable! With a huge array of skills that allow him to be a one-stop-shop for all your dental needs, I can definitely say he is a great dentist!

-Dr. Bruce Haggerty

I have known Dr. Kramer and his family for several years. He is not only an excellent clinician but kind-hearted and passionate about what he does. He strives for the best clinical outcomes while providing a personal and caring experience for his patients. You can be assured that you will be well taken care of with Dr. Kramer and his staff!

-Dr. Katherine Bunke

Dr. Kramer has always been focused on patient comfort and clinical outcomes above all else. His continued research, education, and practice of cosmetic and surgical techniques is never-ending. Dr. Kramer has always strived to be up to date on the most recent clinical advancements, completing CE’s above and beyond the required hours every year since graduation.

-Dr. David Lambert

As a practicing dentist in Colorado, I have had the opportunity to work alongside John for years. He is committed to quality while having an easygoing chair-side personality. I distinctly remember a Saturday that he covered my shift. One of the scheduled patients was extremely nervous. John performed a root canal, and the patient slept through the entire thing!

-Dr. Lily Wakim


“The Spa Dentist!”

I love Dr. Kramer and Bright Dentistry! I put off going to the dentist for 20 years because of fear and a bad experience so long ago. Now, I actually look forward to my appointments! Dr. Kramer and his whole staff are so nice and professional. He really calmed all the fears I have accumulated about going to the dentist over the years. He is incredibly gentle and lets you know everything he is doing/will be doing, lets you ask millions of questions, and really puts you at ease.
Bright has completely changed how I view going to the dentist!

-Heather Burton

Very clean, very professional, and friendly experience from the moment you walk in. The Receptionist is kind and welcoming. The staff reflects the same sentiments during the entirety of the visit. Cleaning and services were performed with perfect efficiency and they take extra care to ensure you are comfortable the whole time you are in the chair. The Doctor was knowledgeable and very friendly. Most importantly, teeth look and feel great.

-Michael Wilmott

Best dental experience I have ever had (and I have been to several all across the country over the years)! Offered free mimosas when I walked in. Heated massage chair. Offered anything on Netflix to watch. AND excellent customer service/patient care! Also left with FREE whitening kits! Great small business with friendly and personable staff! I will be recommending Bright Dentistry to all my friends!

-Cherise Endres

As a 1st time patient, I was well taken care of from start to end. I am extremely highly satisfied with the overall service. Great doctor and patient interaction. Bright Dentistry made me feel like my smile was important again. The doctor assistants were very bright and confident in the knowledge they shared with me. I can’t wait to refer my friends and family so they can begin their journey to a brighter more confident smile. Thank you so much, Dr. Kramer!

-Laylo Monroe


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