Dr. Kramer is one of the best dentists I know! He utilizes great techniques and is really careful to make sure the patient is comfortable! With a huge array of skills that allow him to be a one stop shop for all your dental needs I can definitely say he is a great dentist!
-Dr Bruce Haggerty

As a practicing dentist in Colorado, I have had the opportunity to work alongside John for years. He is committed to quality while having an easygoing chair-side personality. I distinctly remember a Saturday that he covered my shift. One of the scheduled patients was extremely nervous. John performed a root canal and the patient slept through the entire thing!
-Dr. Lily Wakim

I have know Dr. Kramer and his family for several years. He is not only an excellent clinician but kind hearted and passionate about what he does. He strives for the best clinical outcomes while providing a personal and caring experience for his patients. You can be assured that you will be well taken care of with Dr. Kramer and his staff!
-Dr. Katherine Bunke

I have worked with Dr Kramer since he moved to Colorado and he is an amazing clinician. Online reviews are usually focused on a doctors bedside manner or how clean their office is. It is tough to determine how good of a provider they actually are. I have witnessed first hand how great of a dentist Dr Kramer is. He is very meticulous in his work and also very gentle. He has the knowledge and skill set to do most dental procedures. Dr Kramer is my dentist and I highly recommend him to you as well!
-Dr. Ryan Pfeifer

Dr. Kramer has always been focused on patient comfort and clinical outcomes above all else. His continued research, education, and practice of cosmetic and surgical techniques is never ending. Dr. Kramer has always strived to be up to date on the most recent clinical advancements, completing CE’s above and beyond the required hours every year since graduation.
-Dr. David Lambert



Dr. Kramer has a very special attention to detail as well as a keen awareness of my dental anxiety. He put my mind at ease and offered relaxation and excellent dental care. We would recommend anyone looking for premium dental treatment to see Dr. Kramer!
-Katie Richardson

I am scared of going to the dentist, but Dr. Kramer and his staff went the extra mile to make me comfortable. He talked through every step with me and I felt zero pain. Best. Dentist. Ever!
-Mary Barker

Doctor visits are always scary until you find the right one. My first time experience here was amazing. After looking at the reviews and checking it out for myself they really do make the experience a lot less painful. Dr. Kramer and his team did an amazing job!
-Ava Thao

I met with Dr. Kramer and Linda. They are both very good at what they do! I personally enjoy the laid back environment and they treated me like a REAL PERSON! Not just some number! Linda noticed some work that I had done from a different dental company and ran it past Dr. Kramer – Linda was able to fix it and after 6 years of constant headaches and the inabilty to close my mouth all the way on one side, I was finally out of pain and could close my teeth together! They have been, by far, the best team I have had work on my dental needs and I appreciate them so much! Thank you to them and the staff for being so kind and fun to be around, making my experience and all around joy! Thank you Dr. Kramer and Linda – You guys are awesome! 🙂
-Nirodo D

OMG! These guys are GREAT! I just had twelve (yes 12!) teeth pulled yesterday and NO pain today!! I’m serious! Starting with Karissa & Mariah greeting u @ the front desk to sitting in Dr.Kramer’s chair,probably the best dental visit I ever had! Dr. Kramer & his asst. Katie are extremely kind & compassionate,not to mention hilarious!! No laughing gas needed if ur seeing them! If u go anywhere else- you’re making a BIG mistake! Love my new smile! Thanks guys!
-Colin Thompson

As a 1st time patient I was well taken care of from start to end, I am extremely Highly Satisfied with the overall service, Great doctor and patient interaction. Mint Dental Made me feel like my smile was important again , the doctor assistants were very bright and confident in the knowledge they shared with me. I cant wait to refer my friends and family so they can begin there journey to a brighter more confident smile . Thank you so much Dr.Kramer!
-Laylo Monroe

About to get an extraction from Dr. Kramer,Elizabeth was very helpful in keeping me very relaxed(Thank you Elizabeth).I will be back,the whole team is absolutely awesome!!!!!They will make you laugh.
-Gavin Parish