Do you want a straight, beautiful, BRIGHT smile without the hassle of metal braces and clunky wires? Invisalign may be the option for you. As a Certified Invisalign Provider in Colorado Springs, BRIGHT Dentistry is highly trained and experienced, ready to give you the smile you’ve been dreaming of (without the use of brackets and wires).

What is Invisalign® treatment?

Invisalign is a teeth-straightening orthodontic treatment that uses a series of transparent aligners to straighten misaligned teeth, as a modern alternative to traditional braces. Each aligner is worn for approximately two weeks, adjusting teeth little by little until the final positioning is achieved. (Getting a perfect smile is really that simple.)

Why people choose Invisalign® over traditional braces.

It’s no secret that teeth-straightening treatments like traditional braces can be dreaded – but thanks to Invisalign, they don’t have to be. The Invisalign clear aligners are completely transparent, discreet, and still effective – giving you your best smile, without the hassle, discomfort, or embarrassment of having to wear metal braces.

How long does Invisalign® treatment take?

The entire process of wearing your Invisalign clear aligners can take anywhere from 6-18 months. (That is nearly half the average time of wearing metal braces!) For optimal results, you will need to wear your Invisalign aligners at all times (at least 22 hours per day), only removing them to eat, brush, and floss. If worn correctly, your results will begin to show in as little as 10 to 12 weeks!

What can I expect during my BRIGHT Dentistry Invisalign® appointment?

At every BRIGHT Dentistry appointment, you’ll be welcomed into our luxurious lounge to sit back and relax while you begin your BRIGHT experience. During your appointment, our BRIGHT Invisalign Specialist will sit down to discuss your oral health goals and treatment options. We use state-of-the-art technology to compare your before and after smart imaging and will discuss all payment options for your desired treatment plan.

If you feel stuck deciding between choosing traditional braces or Invisalign to straighten your smile, we’re here to help find the best option for you. Every person and smile are unique – and we’ll take both into consideration to find you the perfect orthodontic treatment plan. And because we want you to envision just how beautiful your smile can be, BRIGHT Dentistry offers free in-house Invisalign consultations.

If you’re excited about the idea of having a smile that’s straight, healthy, and beautiful, make an appointment for your initial Invisalign consultation at BRIGHT Dentistry today! One thing is for sure – your future smile looks bright at BRIGHT Dentistry.

-BRIGHT Dentistry


What qualifies you for Invisalign?

Every case is different because there are many factors that can qualify a patient for Invisalign. Invisalign is a good option for patients that want to correct crowded or gapped teeth, overbites, underbites, and cross-bites. However, age does come into play as younger patients may not be eligible due to slow teeth growth. Also, patients with dental implants, bridges, or TMJ disorder may not be the best candidates. But, as always, if you are wanting to straighten your smile, call your qualified dentist/orthodontist so they can find the best solution for you.

Is Invisalign bad for your teeth?

Over nine million people used Invisalign in 2020, and of those patients, only 173 reported unfavorable results – none having to do with dental issues (allergy and irritation issues only). With this being said, Invisalign is completely safe for your teeth and is an amazing option for those wanting to straighten their smile without braces. However, do keep in mind that the trays can damage previously placed appliances and can increase the risk for cavities and gum disease if not taken care of properly.

How to clean Invisalign retainers?

  1. After removing your trays from your mouth, place them under lukewarm water. 
  2. Next, brush both the inside and outside of the trays with a small amount of toothpaste on a soft-bristled toothbrush. 
  3. Make sure to rinse off any toothpaste that’s leftover on your Invisalign trays under lukewarm water. 
  4. Inspect the retainer for any tartar buildup. 
  5. If there is some buildup, soak the trays in any denture or retainer cleaning solution for a few hours. 
  6. Take them out and let them dry before putting them back in your mouth.

Does Invisalign hurt?

Invisalign is designed to be more comfortable than traditional braces, however, there may be some mild pain or discomfort over the course of treatment. A new set of trays are required every two weeks, so it is possible to have more discomfort in the first few days of each cycle, especially because the aligners are supposed to fit snugly on your teeth. While some may experience this mild pain, other cases may face no pain at all. Patients will adjust to the feeling over time, and can use cold compresses or orthodontic wax to help reduce any pain.

Achieve a beautiful, straight smile with Invisalign® in Colorado Springs at Bright Dentistry!