Best Flossing

Do you dislike flossing your teeth? If so, please know that you’re not alone! We encounter many patients who understand the importance of flossing but are hesitant to do it daily. Though we suggest that individuals incorporate it into their nighttime routine, we recognize that not everyone will do so. Nevertheless, it is essential to use some other method to ensure those tough-to-reach places are getting clean. Keep reading to discover our five favorite flossing alternatives (but remember, normal flossing is our #1 choice)!

1. Dental Floss Sticks
Dental floss sticks are popular flossing alternatives. These sticks have a small handle and two prongs with a short piece of floss attached between them. Floss sticks are easy to grip, which makes reaching the back of your mouth simple. However, the short string will become dirty quicker than traditional floss. We recommend using two floss sticks each time you floss, one for the top and one for the bottom. This will ensure you reach all the plaque and clean your teeth sufficiently.

2. Water Flosser
Water flossers are another excellent flossing alternative. They do not require any string, making them a good option for people with braces, permanent retainers, or sensory issues. Plus, they are also very gentle and simple to use. Simply place the water flosser near your gums between your teeth and press the button. It will then create a burst of water to loosen debris and remove plaque.

dental picks flossing alternative

3. Dental Picks
There are two types of dental picks, hard and soft, which can remove plaque. We use hard picks at Bright Dentistry in Colorado Springs to remove stubborn plaque from our patients’ teeth and gums. Soft picks, on the other hand, are great for at-home use.

Soft dental picks are made of highly-flexible plastic or latex and have small bristles on the end made of the same material. Rubbing them across your gums and between teeth can help clean the area and prevent gum disease. While they are not as effective as traditional flossing, dental picks are an affordable and convenient alternative for those who cannot floss regularly.

4. Interdental Brushes
If you’re searching for flossing alternatives, interdental brushes are another great option. They’re similar to soft dental picks but with more bristles at the end. Due to their density, interdental brushes can collect more debris and plaque as you weave the tool between your teeth and clean your gums. However, it’s important to be cautious, as using them too aggressively can harm your gums.

Please feel free to chat with us during your next semi-annual dental appointment if you plan on implementing interdental brushes into your oral care routine. We can provide expert tips and recommendations to help you use the tool properly.

5. Wooden Plaque Removers
Wooden flossers are another dental floss alternative. These tools are made of thin, flexible wood and have a pointed tip for detailed cleaning and a flat end for broader areas. Not to mention, wooden flossers are a wonderful sustainable choice, especially compared to some of the above plastic options, as they are natural and often biodegradable.

Is Mouthwash a Flossing Alternative?
It’s important to note that mouthwash is not a substitute for flossing. It’s a common misconception that mouthwash can replace flossing, but this is not the case.

Mouthwash is a great addition to your oral hygiene routine and can deposit fluoride in your mouth to improve your breath and strengthen your teeth’s enamel. However, it cannot remove stubborn plaque. Since plaque is a sticky substance, you need to use a harder object, such as the above alternatives or floss, to loosen it. So, using another flossing tool and following with mouthwash is the best way to ensure your teeth remain healthy.

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These common flossing alternatives can help anyone maintain good oral hygiene at home. Nevertheless, it’s important to complement your efforts with regular, semi-annual dental check-ups. BRIGHT Dentistry has two convenient locations in Colorado Springs. Both of which have everything from a highly-skilled staff to luxurious amenities and state-of-the-art equipment to make your next dental appointment fantastic. Don’t let stubborn plaque negatively affect your teeth or lead to gum disease. Click the button below to schedule your appointment today!