Seven Dental Problems
You Should Never Ignore

Our patients do an excellent job brushing, flossing, and taking care of their smiles. However, they will occasionally run into unexpected complications. Your dental health is essential to your overall well-being, and you should always speak up if something feels wrong! Here are seven dental problems you should never ignore.

1. Excessive Tooth Pain
Sometimes, we may feel a minor toothache if we bite down on something too hard or accidentally grind our teeth. Things happen, and these issues are okay if they don’t repeat consistently! However, it may be time to schedule a dentist appointment if you notice excessive or unwavering tooth pain.

Tooth pain has various causes, and discovering the underlying issue is essential. You may grind your teeth excessively, which can cause discomfort as you chew and talk. However, you may also have a cavity in one or a few teeth. Either way, both of these concerns require dental attention. Whether you need a mouthguard or a filling, our team at Bright Dentistry can treat your pain so you can talk, eat, and drink with ease!

2. Tongue Changes
Are you noticing lesions, discoloration, or irregular texture on your tongue? While you may just be dehydrated, these symptoms are potential signs that you could have an illness, infection, or vitamin deficiency. Our team will help you determine if the changes are abnormal. And from there, we can guide you toward your next steps to resolve the issue.

3. Gum Pain or Bleeding
If you are new to flossing, you may notice gum soreness once you begin to implement it into your daily routine. This change in habit may cause minimal bleeding, which is normal until your gums acclimate. However, do not ignore excessive gum pain or potentially something even worse. These symptoms are often signs of gingivitis, gum disease, or a cavity. Please schedule an appointment at Bright Dentistry so we can relieve you of these uncomfortable symptoms!

4. Loose or Lost Teeth
If you have a child who naturally lost a baby tooth, there is no need to fret. In fact, milestones like these should call for a little celebration! However, please see your dentist ASAP if you or your child accidentally knock out an adult tooth. We understand that mistakes happen, but we need to ensure your mouth receives the care and attention it needs to heal properly!

5. Oral Sores
Have you ever been chowing down on your favorite food, and you bite down on your tongue or mouth? OUCH! While this never feels great, we’ve all been there. However, please schedule a dental appointment if you have oral sores that will not go away or you cannot identify where they are coming from.

Not all oral sores are major health threats. Some people may notice occasional canker sores, and while they feel uncomfortable, they will disappear on their own. However, there may be a larger issue if your oral sores last longer than two weeks. You may have gingivostomatitis, which is highly contagious. Please book an appointment, and we will help identify the issue and provide recommendations, resources, and next steps for you!

6. Chronic Dry Mouth
There’s no better feeling than taking a big gulp of water when you’re feeling quenched! However, those who cannot alleviate that dry, sticky feeling may have chronic dry mouth. Make sure to contact your dentist in Colorado Springs, Colorado if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty swallowing or speaking
  • Decreased sense of taste
  • Excessively dry lips
  • Burning or sore mouth

You may have Xerostomia or another underlying condition. Our team at Bright Dentistry can access your symptoms to help you decide on the best course of action!

7. Jaw Pain
Jaw pain is a relatively common issue many people experience, but you should never ignore it! The pain is often the result of teeth grinding or a misaligned bite, but it can sometimes be a symptom of a more serious concern. Either way, our team wants to help you avoid long-term oral damage! Whether you need a night guard or another treatment, our knowledgeable team will identify the root of the issue.

Honest Conversations are Essential!
Never underestimate the power of an open and honest conversation! We always recommend reaching out to your dentist if you are experiencing any problems. Some people may worry about ridicule if they mention their oral health concerns, but we are here to help you. Please remember that we value your honesty and your well-being is always our top priority!

Treat Dental Problems at Bright Dentistry
One of the best ways to care for your smile is to catch oral health problems early and seek dental care immediately! This way, your dentist will have plenty of time to correct the issues before they become significant complications. Please click the button below to schedule an appointment if the above dental problems sound familiar. Bright Dentistry is located in Colorado Springs, and we are ready to treat all your dental concerns. Our team cannot wait to relieve your pain and restore your peace of mind!